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The InSinkErator Range

Keep your kitchen tidy with InSinkErator. InSinkErator is the world’s largest and most trusted food waste disposers manufacturer. Plumbing Plus offers a wide range of InSinkErator products, such as multitaps, hot water taps, and waste disposers. Browse our selection of InSinkErator models online today.


InSinkErator Waste Disposals

Every kitchen needs a waste disposal unit as it provides a quick, effective and no mess way of getting rid of food waste. InSinkErator provides a wide range of waste disposer models, each offering its own unique features suited to different households.

The InSinkErator entry-level model 46 is perfect for smaller households with light food waste. This simple machine has all the basic features to keep your small kitchen clean. Higher-end models, like the Evolution 200, can handle larger amounts of all food waste.


InSinkErator Multitaps

The InSinkErator multitap offers greater efficiency and convenience than your typical kitchen tap. The multitap is an elegant sink appliance that provides hot water, filtered cold water and near-boiling water in one system. It’s easy to maintain, simple to install and built to last. InSinkErator multitaps have a sleek, modern appearance that will complement any contemporary kitchen.


InSinkErator Instant Hot Water

The InSinkErator instant hot water tap dispenses hot filtered water with just a single handle. This unique and stylish system makes kitchen tasks easier to manage. Whether you're washing dishes or preparing some hot drinks, InSinkErator can deliver hot water in an instant.

All InSinkErator hot taps come with filter cartridges that are easy to replace. The filtration system removes tastes, odour and impurities from the water, making it healthier and tastier to drink. Shop our InSinkErator hot taps today and enjoy quality, hot water for years to come.