Manrose Quiet 150mm Humidity Sensing Wall/Ceiling-Mounted Fans

$224.00 inc GST


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The new high-pressure and energy-efficient QUIET fans have ultra-high airflow without nuisance noise and are designed to be ducted straight through a bathroom or kitchen exterior wall.

Humidity Control

An integral humidity controller automatically switches the fan ON when it senses a significant rapid rise in humidity that may have been triggered by a shower/bath event. The fan will stop immediately if the event is not confirmed. If the event is confirmed, then either the preset top speed, or a lower speed, will be determined as the better option for clearing the humidity created by the shower/bath event and the fan will ramp up to, and run at, that speed. After sensing that the shower/bath event has ended, the fan will continue running for a period of time, as determined by the humidity controller, as needed to clear the room of any residual humidity.


  • 150mm Quiet Axial Fan - Wall/Ceiling Mounted
  • Square Fascia, Standard Profile, Humidity Condition Switching
  • Humidity Control - Suitable for high steam areas.
  • All kits include a weatherproof cowl.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Low operating sound levels.
  • Stylish fascia designed to blend into any decor.
  • Meets current kitchen or laundry NZBC G4/AS1 and Healthy Homes requirements.
  • 22W, 138 Pa, 114 l/s, 410 m3/hr, 0.19 W/l/s, 41 dB(A)


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