Schwan SC52ECH 3-IN-1 Versatap Sink Mixer Boiler System - Chrome

$1,598.00 inc GST


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Ideal for hands and dishes. Also perfect for piping hot tea, coffee, soups, blanching vegetables, food preparation and countless other uses in your kitchen PLUS unlimited cool filtered drinking water!

  • Up to 60 cups an hour of steaming hot water, integrated into the sink mixer.
  • Unlimited cool filtered drinking water.
  • Standard hot/cold sink mixer functions.
  • High-clearance swivelling spout enables convenient filling of taller vessels.
  • LCD screen indicates your hot water temperature status.
  • Easy-change filters with easy-access shut-off valve.
  • High capacity filter ensures great water flow.

Technical Detail

  • Size: 300mm h x 200mm w x 240mm d
  • Finish: Stainless Steel
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