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Rinnai Boil & Brew

Automatic boiling water

The British take tea, Americans have a coffee break, but for we Kiwis, it will always be smoko.

When the time comes, we put aside our work, grab our favourite mug and gather at the Boil & Brew with our tea bags and instant at the ready. For the next 15 minutes we dunk our biscuits and talk about our weekends, the rugby and what's on the telly.

Made right here in New Zealand, with a new modern look and a number of improvements we know there are going to be many more smokos and great yarns around our new Rinnai Boil & Brew

Range of sizes
The Boil and Brew is available in 5L, 10L, 15L and 25L with a delivery from 35??200 cups and hour. They are ideal for any space that necessitates an endless supply of boiling water such as commercial kitchens, staff rooms and hospitals.

Automatic operation
The Rinnai Boil & Brew units are completely automatic, re-filling and heating as water is drawn off.

No more waiting for the kettle to boil - boiling water when you need it for tea, coffee, other hot drinks or convenience foods.

Easy clean
Attractive powder coat white case allows for easy cleaning of the unit.

Peace of mind
The Boil & Brew is backed by Rinnai after sales support.

Suitable as a hot water dispenser for commercial applications such as; cafes, canteens, retirement homes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, sports complexes, factories, fast food outlets, shops, and offices.

Location and clearances
Locate the unit above a sink draining board, close to a cold water supply and a power outlet. For the 5 L, 10 L, and 15 L models, the location of the socket outlet/plug should be such as to give the user safe access for turning the unit on and off. The site should be dry and waterproof, and in a position that meets the minimum clearances shown below. These are required to allow safe access for servicing.

The heater should be positioned at a height to suit the items being filled.

boil and brew clearances diagram v1 1

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