Illuminate and warm indoor spaces in an instant with IXL bathroom lights, heaters, and exhaust fans from Plumbing Plus. IXL appliances have provided lighting, heating and fans for bathrooms and laundries for over 150 years. Search our range of innovative IXL NZ products online or in-store today.


Our Product Range

Exhaust Fans, Vents, Heat Lamps & Lights

Our Tastic IXL exhaust fan and light combination reduces humidity to prevent foggy mirrors and windows. A multi-option, dimmable LED IXL light allows you to switch from cool-toned lighting to a soft glow. An IXL Vent-n-Lite unit features LED energy-efficient downlights for adjustable ventilation and lighting.

Tastic's heater and light range is ideal for bathrooms, walk-in pantries, laundries, and walk-in closets.

An IXL heat lamp will take the bite out of chilly mornings. Our ceiling heaters create powerful and efficient heating in no time.

Shop our IXL Tastic range of home bathroom heating solutions and set your desired temperature at the touch of a button. Energy-efficient heating warms your body quickly and provides long-lasting warmth.

Enjoy outdoor entertaining at home in cold weather. Our Cannon Horizon strip heater features powder-coated aluminium alloy housing for long-lasting durability. This IXL heater delivers up to 3200 watts of power to warm entire spaces instantly. Using the remote control, adjust the three heat settings to your desired level of warmth. 

Remove moisture and odours from steamy rooms with our sleek Tastic exhaust fans - great for use in the bathroom and the laundry. The Tastic Luminate vent and light range is perfect for installation over the shower and features a Plug & Play wall switch for easy operation.

Enjoy a warm home with improved air quality with our sleek range of IXL bathroom products. Shop online or visit our team at one of our nationwide stores.