Rheem Hot Water Cylinders

 When our customers ask for a reliable water heater brand, we recommend Rheem. Established in 1958, Rheem is a trusted name in New Zealand for water heating and has manufactured over 1.2 million electric hot water cylinders in New Zealand. Contact our friendly team for more advice on choosing a Rheem system to meet your needs.

 Rheem New Zealand provides a wide range of products, including traditional storage water heaters, gas continuous flow external heaters, solar storage hot water cylinders, and heat pump systems. Vitreous enamel cylinders provide excellent corrosion resistance to a wide range of New Zealand conditions, such as a holiday home with untreated bore water. Discover a solution for every household or business, including:

  • Mains pressure and low-pressure heating products.
  • Natural gas or ULPG continuous flow water heaters.
  • Electric water heating systems.
  • Heat pump and solar storage products.
  • On-tap boiling water systems.
  • Accessories including filters and controllers.

Rheem Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heaters

Rheem has an extensive range of gas continuous flow heater products ideal for high peak loads or lower overall usage, such as at a holiday home. The system is designed to heat on demand, eliminating the need for storing water.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Our Rheem Heat Pump System is the perfect water-heating solution. Heat is absorbed from the surrounding air and transferred to your water, with a large-scale cylinder allowing the heat pump to run at a sustained optimised rate.

 Solar Hot Water Cylinders

For a high-end hot water cylinder, look no further than the Rheem Premier Loline Solar system. As a closed-loop system, the roof-mounted collectors capture the sun’s energy and send it to heat water in the ground-level storage tanks, ready for use.

Boiled and Chilled Units

Equip your company lunch room or communal kitchen with instant boiling and chilled water. Enjoy the iconic Rheem Zip and on-tap boiling water systems, or connect your on-tap system to a Rheem under-bench chilled water unit for ultimate convenience.

 Don’t hesitate to send us a message or contact your local Plumbing Plus store for more information on our trusted Rheem New Zealand product range. We’d love to provide you with professional advice on choosing the best water heating system for your household or business.