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St Michel

Take your bathroom to the next level with world-class products from one of the leading bathroomware brands in NZ. Enhance your bathroom experience with our wide range of innovative St Michel items from Plumbing Plus. Order St Michel bathroom furniture online or in-store today.

Our Product Range

Discover the perfect bathroom furniture item from our stylish collection of vanities. We have an extensive selection of door, drawer, size, and finish options to meet your needs. Choose the City 50 vanity range for a touch of luxury with the broadest choice of basin and benchtop finishes. This versatile vanity product boasts a hidden waste system, incredible storage, and the choice to personalise drawers and doors. The Mini-B wall vanity is an ideal product for more compact spaces, featuring a satin chrome handle.

 Shop our stunning collection of mirror cabinets and wall-hung mirror products. Sleek Solo simple mirrors add a striking touch to any bathroom environment and are adjustable to your personal height preference. Durable and stain-resistant, these mirror products come in the size and shape of your choice. Add a statement piece with the Tessa Mirror cabinet collection, featuring various door and shelf options.

 Buy a unique St Michel basin product to amplify your bathroom. Each ceramic top is handcrafted and custom made, meaning no number of Malo or Cala basins are the same. Add a touch of elegance with the Glam and Teorema collection, featuring a porcelain Italian design while maintaining optimum functionality and performance. The innovative SmartB collection comes with leading-edge technology shared by the world’s best basins.

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Get in touch with one of our friendly Plumbing Plus team members via phone or email today for more information on our St Michel bathroomware items and content. We’d love to be a part of bringing your dream bathroom to life. Get a quote through our website and shop in-store or online NZ-wide now.