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Shower Heads

Plumbing Plus offers a range of sleek, stylish and functional shower heads to take pride of place in your bathroom. Our leading range of bathroom products includes quality shower heads to complement any design scheme, from traditional to ultra-modern. Whether you are looking for a drenching rain shower head or a powerful directed spray or a wall-mounted column, you are sure to find the right fitting for your shower.

Low-Pressure Shower Heads

Low water pressure in the home can be a real pain, turning the simple pleasure of a shower into a frustrating chore. But with our great low-pressure shower heads those disappointing dribbles are a thing of the past. With our low water pressure shower heads, you can still enjoy an invigorating shower with the muscle-relaxing and shampoo-rinsing power of strong water pressure. Many of our shower heads also feature protection from corrosion and mineral buildup, for clog prevention and easy cleaning. Furthermore, our water saving shower heads allow you to conserve water without sacrificing the quality of your shower experience.

Rain Shower Heads

Modern rain shower heads offer a truly luxurious shower experience, often likened to being drenched by a warm and refreshing rain storm. With rounded or square designs, wall or ceiling-mounted fittings and contemporary finishes like matt black, creating a stylish and sensual shower is easy. Adjustable rain shower heads combined with a handpiece allow you enjoy the best of both worlds, and our double rain shower heads mean that you can shower with a partner too.

Shower Fittings

Plumbing Plus stocks a selection of shower fittings to make your bathroom refit a breeze. With chrome shower fittings, brass shower fittings, connectors, flow restrictors and more, you’re sure to find the parts you need.
We also carry one of New Zealand’s leading selections of shower doors, shower mixers and slide and hand showers, so turn your dream bathroom into a reality today.