Felton WaterScrooge Restrictors & Sleeve Pack

$27.00 inc GST


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Do you want to save water, power and money? Well if you have a slide shower installed, this might be the product you.

Our WaterScrooge Restrictor and Sleeve Kits is a nifty little universal water-saving kit which fits into new or existing shower handpieces. It is designed to prevent water wastage without compromising on the quality of your shower. The WaterScrooge Restrictor and Sleeve Kit is easy to fit. Simply choose your preferred restrictor and push it into the sleeve provided as pictured. Unscrew your shower handpiece from the hose and fit the sleeve containing the restrictor into the handpiece. Reattach handpiece to hose and test the flow at your usual shower temperature. If required, the restrictor can be easily changed to one with a different flow rate.

Contains 3 flow restrictors (10, 8 and 6 litres per minute) and a unique sleeve designed by Felton to fit most new or existing shower handpieces available on the market, provided EN1113 standard hose is used. All Felton hoses are rated to EN1113. Sleeve and flow restrictors can also be purchased individually.

Technical Details:

  • 1 x yellow (10 litres per minute)
  • 1 x white (8 litres per minute)
  • 1 x grey (6 litres per minute)
  • 1 x sleeve
  • For use with EN1113 rated hose
  • 5 year warranty
How to fit a restrictor Download