Felton WaterScrooge White Flow Restrictor

$11.00 inc GST


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White Flow Restrictor for WaterScrooge - 8 litres per minute

Do you want to save water, power and money? Well if you have a slide shower installed, this might be the product you.  WaterScrooge technology saves water by restricting the amount water flow to ensure the most efficient use of water, yet maintain a comfortable shower.

Technical Details:

  • Water flow restrictors
  • 8 litres per minute
  • For use with EN1113 rated hose
  • 5 year warranty
  • Sleeve and flow restrictors can be purchased individually or as a kit.

Other flow restrictors and products:

  • Yellow Flow restrictor: 10 litres per minute
  • Grey Flow restrictor: 6 litres per minute
  • WaterScrooge Sleeve
  • WaterScrooge Flow Regulator Insertion Tool Only
  • WaterScrooge Restrictor and Sleeve Kit