Laundry Pump

Water pumps and Macerators are essential laundry items if you are planning to install your laundry in the basement. Find our product collection of Saniflo and Wallace Pumps online or in-store today.

Water Pumps

Laundry water pumps are designed to pump greywater away from a number of residential fixtures. Water pumps are often used when an appliance such as a washing machine is located below the gravity drain line (such as a basement). At Plumbing Plus we stock several water pump products suitable for installation within wall cavities or across ceilings to minimise the structural impact.

Pump Stations

Laundry Pump stations are heavy during lifting systems designed to pump waste water from several bathrooms and fixtures within a multilevel home or building structure. Here at Plumbing Plus we stock a range of pumping stations, including the Saniflo Sanicubic 2 VX Combination Lifting Station. This pump includes twin Vortex impeller motors, 120L capacity and an external alarm system making it the ideal product for use in commercial buildings where blockages can be a problem.


A Macerator is a small pump designed to be installed behind a P-trap toilet. Waste water drained by gravity enters the pump, which uses fine blades to convert solids and liquids into a fine slurry. The Saniflo Saniplus Macerator is ideal for use with toilets, sinks, showers and bidets.

Unsure what product is right for you? Get in contact with the team at Plumbing Plus for all the information you need or find a store location closest to you.