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Condensate Pump

What is a condensate pump?

A condensate pump is a water pump used to get rid of excess water in your home caused by condensate produced from an air conditioning unit, radiators, refrigeration units and more.

Why do I need a condensate pump?

Most types of heating and cooling systems use water to control temperature. As a result of this process, steam produced rises into a tank and then once cooled, this results in condensate water. This water then needs to be removed. If gravity is unable to remove (for example, a condensing boiler in a basement) the liquid, then a pump would need to be installed.

Our range of Condensate Pumps

Saniflo Sanicondens Clim Mini

The saniflo sanicondens clim mini is a new generation pump equipped with the best features! Compact in size, with quiet operation, this mini-unit fits perfectly into an air conditioner to discharge excess water. This pump contains a detector unit and a pump unit - once the condensation production is high enough, it is pumped up and evacuated.

Saniflo Sanicondens Best Flat

The saniflo sanicondens best flat is ideal for ice machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Featuring a 3.5 litre tank, a low profile inlet connection and three entry points.